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Compassion Belt (Unisex, 3 colors)

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If you have just gone vegan, that likely means a shrinking waist and big vegan muscles to boot! You'll need a belt to show off your figure and keep your pants up.  Maybe it will work in reverse -you'll take this first step toward compassion, by opting for a vegan belt, and eventually transition to a vegan diet. Either way, you'll need this attractive vegan belt.

Kindness is a strength. Look and feel like a superhero as you swoop in to save animals from certain death! Indeed, no animals were harmed to make you look awesome!

Item Type: Belts
Pattern Type: Solid
Belt Width: 3.7cm
Buckle Length: 43 inches, 110 centimeters
Belts Material: PU, Faux Leather
Gender: Unisex