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Vegan Stylist and VIP Service

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Want to look and feel great knowing you're helping animals? Let's replace that animal skin in your closet with some attractive vegan clothing. We will custom tailor the products to your size, shape, and style.

We can even customize patches and other accessories to allow you to personalize items. For example, you might like to place a patch on the shoulder of your jacket that says "Vegan" or promotes your favorite animal rights organization.

Give it a free test drive. Don't worry, we will reimburse you, within reason, if you forget to cancel.

This is an experimental program designed to help people avoid purchasing animal products.  We are flexible, based on your needs. Send us a note that you're interested:

Unique Benefits

  • We curate items based on your style and preferences
  • Curated outfits for special events and seasons
  • 20% off all items in the store
  • Free returns
  • No return required for up to two items per month (store credit)

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