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Return Policy

Posted by Jacob Shwartz-Lucas on

  1. Help vegan boutiques compete with big cruel corporations. We don't want to waste your time and money calling, emailing, smoke signaling, boxing, and shipping items back overseas. Thus, we solely offer in-store credit.

  2. Customers must confirm their sizes by measuring the wearer's bodies. If the customer declines to do this, FoeLeather is not obligated to offer any credit. If store credit is requested because an item does not fit properly, the customer is responsible for emailing digital images of the item, properly displaying the entire measuring tape as proof that the item is not the dimensions displayed on FoeLeather's website. If you as a customer would like credit for an item that was listed incorrectly, you must email within 14 days of the item arriving at your address with the above images. FoeLeather is not obligated to offer anything after this period.

  3. Ask us if an item needs to arrive by a certain date such as a birthday or holiday. We can sometimes expedite shipment for a higher fee. If the return is due to the buyer not leaving enough time for the item to arrive for regular shipping purchase (up to 45 days) no refund will be issued.

  4. Items will often arrive in nonstandard containers from suppliers, such as large padded bubble bags, from countries outside the United States. This is one way we keep prices low, which we believe is vital to spreading more compassionate lifestyle choices.

  5. We do not list FoeLeather's address on the website because we only offer in-store credit, except in situations where we specifically request a return.